Spunta – Crossing: Bea x USDA 96-56

  • Freshmarket
  • Waiting time: middle early
  • Very high proceeds
  • Long, somewhat kidney shaped tubers, flat
  • Lightyellow skincolor, lightyellow meatcolor
  • Dry matter content: 19.7%
  • Cooktype B, good consumption quality
  • Resistance against wart disease 1
  • Quiet susceptible for Phytophthora in foliage and tuber
  • Good resistance against virus diseases.
  • Very sensitive for Fusarium
  • Very good resistance against drought

Cultivation instructions ware potatoes

Spunta is a traditional consumption race. Suitable for the Mediterranean climate. The proceeds are (even under hard conditions) very good. The tubers are long, quiet kidney shaped and coarse. The skin and meat color are both lightyellow. The underwater weight is about 375grams. Spunta is one of the most important races in South Europe, North Africa and the Middle- East.

Middle- early

For treatment seed potatoes
Spunta has a average dormancy. For germs is desirable. By good hardening are the germs a little bit sensitive for germ fracture. Because Spunta is quiet sensitive for submarine formation you should not start too early with planting on a relative cold soil.

The foliage develops fast and gives a good crop with solid stems. A good bottom structure is necessary to preventing deformation. Spunta has a good dry and heat resistance.

The nitrogen need is average. Spunta is sensitive for magnesium deficiency. A Mg-gift can be necessary. Spunta responds good at the use of organic manure.

Spunta is sensitive for grubbing-up damage and Fusarium. Before the grubbing-up starts the lubers need to be hard enough. Also, the harvest needs to be carefully to prevent the grubbing-up damage. Spunta isn’t sensitive for bruising. A tear treatment against store diseases is recommend.

Spunta has a average dormancy and is quiet good for storage. Damages can significantly reduce the preservability due to the strong susceptibility for Fusarium. It is necessary to apply immediately a good wound healing after harvest.  The marketing focuses mainly on the Mediterranean, from september to february, in class E and up to 55mm.

Susceptible for potato fatigue and resistance against wart disease 1.  Moderately susceptible for Phytophthora in the foliage and quiet sensitive in the tuber. A little bit susceptible for leaf roll and Yn- virus. Also is Spunta quiet sensitive for scabies. Very high sensitivity for Fusarium.