BELLINI – (crossed: Mondial x Felsina)

  • Freshmarket
  • Waiting time
  • Very high proceeds
  • Oval – longoval tubers very uniform in shape
  • Bright, lightyellow skin color (blanco). Light yellow meatcolor
  • Dry matter content: 20.7%
  • Cooktype B
  • Resistant against potato fatigue Ro1, 4
  • Immune for potato wart disease
  • Something sensitive to phytophthora in foliage, little feeling in the tuber
  • No feeling for Yn- virus

Cultivate instructions ware potatoes


Bellini is a export race with very high proceeds. The tubers are longoval with a very uniform shape and sorting. The skincolor and meatcolor are both lightyellow. The cooktype is B with a good flavour and practical no discolouration after cooking. With 394 grams is the underwater weight average. Belinni is mainly cultivated in the country’s around the Mediterranean to the Northwest Europe. Also are the results from the Northwest Europe for the small package promising.

Middle early

Pre- treatment seed potatoes
Bellini isn’t sensitive for bud break at for gems, but can also be good cultivated in the “white point” stadium.

Bellini has a very high number of tubers. By a good and deep developed root system the tubers will not grow too high in the back and is the chance at green minimal. The best resultus with Bellini be obtained at not too heavy soils. To harvest a reasonable  coarse product it is advisable to cultivate a little wider dan usual. The initial development is fast with a fairly full foliage development. Practically there are no berries formed.  Bellini isn’t sensitive for Sencor but it is sensitive for Basagran.

The fertilization is similar with those of the Spunta. A part of the nitrogen gif is recommend. The potassium gif needs to be higher  then usually, this wil decrease the sensitivity for the damage.

Bellini is sensitive for grubbing-up damage. It is recommend to let it harden off in the ground for the grubbing-up is started. Bellini is quite sensitive for bruising.

Bellini has a average dormancy and can be stored for a long time in a mechanical cooling. Once out of dormancy the shoot formation will go reasonably fast.

Bellini is resistance through potato fatigue Ro1, 4 and immune for potato wart disease 1. Quiet sensitive for Phytophthora in the foliage, but strong against the Phytophthora in the tuber. The sensitivity for scabies is average. Bellini is not susceptible for leaf roll and Yn- virus.