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Mts Verlouw is a horticultural farm specializing in flower bulbs and seed potatoes. This 125 acre farm is located in Creil (Noordoostpolder) and also produces wheat and beets. A light, sandy soil surrounds the farm which provides excellent growing conditions for the tulips planted in heavier soil. Because of this, the two main fields respond well to new products while consistently producing bigger, well-known varieties.

This two-partner company employs temporary workers during the busy season. In the summer, you’ll find many workers processing the newly harvested seed potatoes. The same process applies for the newly harvested tulip bulbs. The flower bulbs are kept for a couple of years using a ethyleenanalyser and the harvested seed potatoes are kept in boxes so that the quality is guaranteed. Regular investments are made to keep the company and techniques modern and of high quality in the future.